Welcome to the Disk2FDI registration page!

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The registered version of Disk2FDI is currently at version 1.0α4.

Before issuing your order, you may visit the features and requirements page.

The registration fee for personal use is 60 euros. With this fee, you become a registered user and will receive the current registered version, and any future registered versions of Disk2FDI until version 1.0, directly to the email address supplied when registering.

Note that by clicking on the "Buy Now" icon below, you fully agree that the registration fee covers personal use only and is not refundable in any case. If you have never used Disk2FDI before, you are strongly encouraged to download and test the trial version, available free of charge from the trial page. For any non-personal use, please contact me directly to request a quotation with a description of your intended use.

Registered version of Disk2FDI

If you have any question regarding the registration process, you may contact me at disk2fdi@joguin.com

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